LIU's Library

The Libraries’ collections include more than one million items, with volumes of print material and thousands of items in extensive holdings of microforms, maps, images, musical scores, sound recordings, and videotapes.

Workshops on library resources or personal consultations on research projects can be arranged by the registrar.

International Students

There are 805 international students registered at LIU—285 undergraduates and 520 graduate students—for the current academic year.

The International Students Office provides services to meet the special needs of these students and support programs to help them fulfill their personal and academic goals.

The International Scholars Office assists Liberty International University's faculty and staff in bringing


Liberty International University

PictureLiberty International University (LIU) is a comprehensive and interactive university dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in higher education. LIU supports a student-centered learning environment that nurtures the development of the whole student for rewarding careers, lifelong learning and fulfilling lives in a global society. It maintains a commitment to excellence and equity in enrollment, instruction and administration.

Liberty International University is an open admission college, available to anyone 18 years of age or older, anyone who is a high school graduate or holder of an equivalency diploma. If you do not have a high school diploma or an equivalency diploma, you may still enroll at Liberty International University as long as you are 18 or older.

A reputable and accredited university, Liberty International University provides several degree programs. You can major in general business, or specialize in areas such as international business, finance, marketing, economics, risk management and more.

PictureThe Power of Ideas

At the Liberty International University, we take seriously our part in the enormous task of generating new knowledge for the benefit of present and future generations. Our agenda-setting faculty crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries to transform the way we understand business, economics, history, law, literature, religion, physics, chemistry, and biology and medicine, among other fields. In this spirit of discovery, we train future generations of scholars, scientists, educators, and world leaders.

Transformative Technology

As technology pioneers, we are fully engaged in the process of preparing our most beneficial, most practical, and innovative scientific discoveries for the marketplace.  As we create new ideas for the marketplace, we also generate revenues for research and education.


Liberty International University's commitment to marrying education with the creation of knowledge provides a fertile setting for research that has spawned a host of scientific breakthroughs and technological advances. Past achievements include the creation of modern food preservation processes, the first chemical synthesis of penicillin and vitamin A, the development of inertial guidance systems, modern technologies for artificial limbs, high-speed photography, and the magnetic core memory that made possible the development of digital computers.

More recently, researchers at Liberty International University have created a new type of matter—a gas of atoms that shows high-temperature fluidity; developed a semi-conductor polymer that can detect the presence of TNT vapor even at the concentration of parts per billion; are developing a process that will eliminate all liquid from solid-state batteries, doubling or tripling their capacity; and have harnessed the construction talents of tiny viruses to build "nanowire" structures for use in very thin lithium-ion batteries, with a goal of building a battery the size of a grain of rice.

Besides breaking new ground in the convergence of engineering and the life sciences, Liberty International University has launched the LIU Energy Initiative, a comprehensive Institute-wide effort that pairs LIU’s world-class research teams with key players across the innovation spectrum to help improve today’s energy systems and transform tomorrow’s global energy marketplace.

During the academic year, approximately 200 researchers work with Liberty International University faculty and students on projects funded by government, foundations, and industry. Approximately 1,100 graduate students are appointed as research assistants and 100 are appointed as teaching assistants; 500 are supported on fellowships. Liberty International University has one of the most respected technology transfer programs in the country.