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ACADEMICS - Communications

PictureProgram Description

Communication - the movement of information - makes and shapes our social, economic and cultural life. In a world dominated by large organizations and mass media, information is power, and understanding communication - knowing how information moves - may be the most powerful information of all.

The Communications major explores all aspects of communication, placing particular emphasis on mass media and media production. Students examine the processes and effects of communication in cross-cultural, interpersonal, political, organizational and artistic contexts. They also study the rapid changes in technology currently reshaping communication practices everywhere. By providing a deep understanding of modern communication and valuable practical skills, a Huron Bachelor’s degree in Communications equips graduates for a broad range of careers in the media, business, public service, and the arts.

The degree gives students a wide range of academic options. Students are able to combine a variety of courses across disciplines including: studio & performance arts, cultural studies, marketing, public relations, advertising and digital media. The major is designed to allow students to concentrate on their own specific interests, or to select courses from across the whole range.

Individual Advising

The personal advising system on the degree ensures that individual students can tailor their degree and choice of courses to meet their specific demands. Huron offers a level of student service that no large university could achieve. Every student meets regularly with his/her advisor to discuss academic progress and to choose appropriate courses for the next semester. The Communications department takes great pride in its ability to offer a truly interactive program: small class sizes, plenty of group work, and faculty who are always available and willing to commit to one-on-one tutoring.

Practical Learning and Career Prospects

The major is intended for students with academic and career interests in international media, entertainment and the arts, publishing and journalism, advertising, marketing and public relations, tourism and heritage, and many types of government or public service. The interdisciplinary program will introduce you to all aspects of the arts and media through a variety of approaches.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of our experiential learning program which integrates work experience into the academic program. Internship placements allow for students to gain first hand experience in a wide variety of global media companies.

The main objectives of the major are:


Lower Division Required Courses - 21 credits

Code: Course: Semester hours:
COM 101 Introduction to Communications 3
COM 202 Visual Arts in Communication 3
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology 3
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology 3
SOC 211 Comparative Cultures 3
ART 110 Art & Design in Business I 3
MKT 211 Introduction to Marketing 3
HUM 111 The Arts 3
HOA 293 Museums and Galleries 3
ART 116 Art & Design Workshop 3
ART 200 Principles of Graphic Design 3
ART 201 Principles of Interior Design 3
ART 213 Introduction to Computer Graphics 3
CIS 241 Web Page Design 3
ART 291 Principles of Photography I 3
ART 292 Principles of Photography II 3


Upper Division Required Courses - 18 credits

Code: Course: Semester hours:
COM 302 Intercultural Communication 3
COM 301 Mass Media and Society 3
COM 371 Business Communications 3
COM 388 New Media Technologies 3
SOC 344 Gender and Identity 3


Theoretical Module

Any three from

Code: Course: Semester hours:
HUM 331 American Cinema 3
HUM 391 Gender and Cinema 3
HUM 360 Culture Society and Cinema 3
HUM 320 Western Drama 3
HUM 321 Contemporary Theatre 3
HOA 143 Art Appreciation 3
COM 322 Advertising 3
COM 323 Market Research 3
COM 333 Marketing Communications 3
COM 423 Consumer Behaviour 3
COM 454 International Marketing 3
HUM/HOA Special Topics Courses 3


Practical Module

Any four from

Code: Course: Semester hours:
ART 302 Art and Photography 3
ART 303 Graphic Design I 3
ART 324 Experimental Photography 3
ART 325 Introduction to Digital Imaging 3
ART 371 Art & Design in Business II 3
ART 372 Graphic Design II 3
ART 373 Style and Design 3
COM 325 Photojournalism 3
COM 400 Audio & Video Techniques 3
COM 402 Broadcasting Skills 3
COM/ART Special Topics Courses 3


Open Electives - 18 to 21 credits

Internship - 0 to 12 credits

Students can complete up to 12 credits with an experiential learning placement. These credits count toward module requirements or as open electives.

General Education- 39 to 42 credits