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ACADEMICS - Engineering

PictureProgram Description

The BSE degree is an engineering program based on courses that are fundamental to all engineering disciplines.

Courses in technical areas meet engineering accreditation while still maintaining a large number of elective courses.

The elective courses allow completion of a university approved minor or a university approved certificate program.

This structure allows students to pursue an innovative and individualized path to career objectives that fulfills the requirements of an accredited engineering degree. 

Educational Objectives of The BSE Program

The BSE program is a College of Engineering (COE) program and not directly associated with any particular engineering department, periodic review and assessment of these objectives will rely on input by the COE and department Industrial Advisory Board, the Engineering Council (COE department chairs) and the entire COE faculty.

Curriculum Structure
The BSE degree plan consists of five components:

A typical credit distribution is shown in the table below.

Total Degree Requirements
for the Bachelor of Science in Engineering
  General Education:   28
  Mathematics and Basic Sciences:    30-32 
  Engineering Fundamentals Core*:    26-27
  Technical Emphasis*:      21-22    
  Directed Electives:  16 (minimum)
  Free Electives:   3
  Total:        127**

* A minimum of 48 credits is required from the combined Engineering Fundamental Core and Technical Emphasis.
** Completion of a Certificate Program may require an additional 2 to 6 credits. For students enrolled in the Distance Learning Program as part of an agreement with an Industrial Partner up to 4 credits may be waived from work experience and there is no free elective credits, thereby reducing the total credit requirement to 120. Other Distance Learning programs through the BSE program will require 127 credits.


Engineering Fundamentals Core

A core of engineering fundamental courses (26 to 27 credits) is required for the BSE degree. These fundamental engineering topics include problem solving, ethics, computer use and analysis, teaming, statics, strength of materials, materials science and engineering, basic circuits and instrumentation, thermodynamics, and fluid mechanics. In addition, students must complete a minimum of one semester of a senior design project and one of three possible design implementation options. The design implementation courses expose students to the many facets of executing typical engineering projects.


ENG1101 Foundations in Engineering I 3
ENG1102 Foundations in Engineering II 3
MEEM2120* Statics & Strength of Materials 4
MY2100 Introduction to Materials Science & Engineering 3
EE3010** Circuits and Instrumentation 3
ENG3200* Thermodynamics & Fluid Mechanics 4
ENG4900*** Multidisciplinary Senior Design Project I 3
XXYYYY Design Implementation 3-4
Subtotal 26-27

Three choices of Design Implementation are available for the BSE students and their choice of technical emphasis will determine which option is most appropriate in providing the necessary background for other courses in the technical emphasis. Completing one of the following can satisfy the design implementation requirement.

MEEM2500 Integrated Design and Manufacturing 4 (lab)
CE3332 Fundamentals of Construction Engineering 3
Choice of 3 modules from the following list:
ENG3957 Product and Process Development I 1
ENG3964 Project Management 1
ENG3966 Design for Manufacturing 1
ENG3968 Manufacturing Processes and Simulation 1
ENG3969 Design Implementation Project Phases 1

* Due to prerequisite requirements students pursuing the Mechanical Technical Emphasis should take MEEM2110 and MEEM2150 in place of MEEM2120 and MEEM2200 and MEEM3210 in place of ENG3200. The extra 4 credits are removed from the Mechanical Technical Emphasis.
**Due to co-requisite requirements students pursuing the Electrical and Computer Technical Emphasis should take EE2110 (Electric Circuits) instead of EE3010 (Circuits and Instrumentation).
***Department Specific Senior Design Projects (XX4900) may be used to satisfy this requirement