LIU's Library

The Libraries’ collections include more than one million items, with volumes of print material and thousands of items in extensive holdings of microforms, maps, images, musical scores, sound recordings, and videotapes.

Workshops on library resources or personal consultations on research projects can be arranged by the registrar.

International Students

There are 805 international students registered at LIU—285 undergraduates and 520 graduate students—for the current academic year.

The International Students Office provides services to meet the special needs of these students and support programs to help them fulfill their personal and academic goals.



If you're ready to finish your undergraduate degree or start a graduate program, Liberty International University is the perfect choice. Applying is easy. In fact, our undergraduate programs offer 4 terms during the year, so there's no need to worry about application deadlines.


Liberty International University has the answers to your questions about higher education.


Frequently Asked Questions about Liberty International University

This page includes answers to general questions about the university, admissions information, how to contact students and faculty, LIU's accreditation, and some information about getting help for computer problems.

Can I apply online or do I need a paper application?
At this time, Liberty International University only accepts paper applications.

Do you need copies of my transcript?
Yes. All transcripts should be sent directly to the University from the institution(s) you attended. If you are forwarding transcripts that have been sent first to you, they must arrive at the University in unopened, sealed envelopes from the institution(s) you attended.

How do I get copies of my transcript sent to Liberty International University?
Contact the registrar of the institution(s) you attended and request a transcript be sent to Liberty International University. You will need to supply:

Do you require SAT or ACT scores?
No. Students are not required to take the SAT or ACT. You must have a high school diploma or have passed the GED. And you must be 18 years of age. If you're an international student, the application requirements are slightly different.

What happens after I apply?

Applications are acknowledged via letter and e-mail. The University provides all applicants with an evaluation of past college credits, professional and/or military training and other experiences. Once you're accepted, you'll receive login information that enables you to track progress of your evaluation. Your evaluation will help determine how your college-level credits can transfer to Liberty International University. Then it's time for you to enroll.

How do I enroll?
You can enroll immediately upon acceptance. You'll be provided additional enrollment information, along with tuition and financial aid information, after your application is accepted.